The significance of support

There is no strength without unity.

~ Irish Proverb

Hello everyone. Last week was a pretty good week for me. I am getting much better grades in both Geometry and Biology. Stress has been lifted off of my shoulders as I persevere to the finish line in all of my courses. This is all because of a schedule that was made to help me feel less stressed and more comfortable, and my parents are cheering me on.

My tics have been up and down, but they have been mostly down. They still only get high when I become agitated. But, strangely, on Leap Day, my tics were extreme, and I honestly don’t know what it was that caused it. The day before Leap Day and the day after, my tics were barely around. I found that unusual and, yet, fascinating.

I have been out of gummies for a few days, and I have only one pill of Zoloft left. I am hoping to get both of those refilled soon so that I don’t have huge roller-coaster emotions like I did when I was in Miami two years ago.

I am writing a lot more in my book, “Sky Ward.” I have two other friends who are writers, and they are a great help with my editing. But it will take awhile for me to edit. I just got done editing chapter 1, and there are at least six chapters that I have written. So, I will still keep you guys up to date with my book.

Last night, after Dungeons and Dragons, my mom and I came home. A few nights before, I had a bad bump on my under arm. She helped get some stuff out, but the bump closed back up. She re-checked it last night, and I had a bad infection. If my mom didn’t get it out right then, I was close to having Staph.

She got the bad part of the infection out, but I was in so much pain and hurt. I was crying really hard for at least an hour and a half. I felt, and I still kind of feel, very weak. My moms comforted me until I calmed down. They told me that they would have to try and get some more stuff out every night until the bump goes away. I was truly scared, but I am now able to focus on just getting it out and not panic. I will be OK. I will make it through.

There is some more good news, though. I looked up online about homeschool proms, andI am able to go to homeschool prom in Tampa with one of my best friends. I am really excited to go dress shopping and everything with her. I thought I’d never be able to go to any kind of dance when I started homeschooling online. But now I will be able to go to prom! Isn’t that insanely awesome?

Also, last night, at Dungeons and Dragons, I told a new friend of mine that I had TS. He was shocked. I told him that the noises that he hears from me, mainly my forceful inhalation, are my tics. I also told him that once someone knows I have TS, they barely notice me ticking. I find that amusing.

He always thought that Tourette’s was just about cursing. Well, he learned something new that night. He said he used to have a slight tic when he was little and his dad slapped his head (us NCIS fans call that Dinozzo-ing someone) right out of him. He jokingly said it was a miracle.

I told him and two other guys about my page, Twitch and Jerk, and they wanted me to link it to them. So, I did. My second mom also found out last night that her stepmother’s travelling buddy had died. We don’t know how she did, but it happened. I feel horrible about that.

So, overall, my week was full of pain, happiness, laughter, sadness, love and support. I hope you all have a beautiful journey through life no matter how hard it is, and a wonderful week. :)



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  1. I read your blog on facebook. I took biology in highschool and then expanded into a 4 years B.S. degree in Biology and 2 years M.S. degree in environmental studies. Anyways, I read a book which you may find insightful. It is not directly related to Tourettes but it is intended for anybody that has ever struggled with mental disorders. The doctor after many years of doing routine things like prescribing medicines like Zoloft, Prozac, Effexor for his patients came to a sudden discovery – many neurological and psychological illnesses are linked to something in body ENTIRELY unrelated to psychology. Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. lays out a reason he as well as so many other doctors have been unable to cure people like us with Tourettes as well as other mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, dementia). The book will shock you but also lay out a plan for living free of medicines like Zoloft and just maybe of Tourettes. If you are like me, you will try anything safe to get rid of Tourettes after all the times it has robbed you of happiness. The book is called the “UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First” and is written by an accredited doctor with his own practice in Masachussetes. Some of the terms you may want to look up but the important message still should be understandable. At the very end of the book, the author lays out exactly what to do for 6 weeks and proclaims your mental problems will never be the same after. I never thought I would be endorsing a book or anyone’s program since I had heard Tourettes is not curable and there are no treatments which have few side effects. However, after reading it I found some hope that other doctors and psychiatrists hadn’t given me. So please read it and let me know what you think!!

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