The post-Easter blues are setting in

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

~ Joshua J. Marine

Hey everyone! How was your Easter? My Easter was great! I got to hang out with my best friends, whom I haven’t seen in a long while. I started out at one friend’s house, and I went to dance class after settling down at her house. Then, after sleeping over there, I went to the house of another friend who I hadn’t seen in several months.

We made more than 50 cupcakes and decided that since we were so good at thatw e’d start our own cupcake business. We actually found some buildings going through leasing that looked perfect. We went out to dinner and then we had a bonfire afterward. Overall, I had a great Easter.

But I suddenly got very easily agitated on Monday, and I since have been easily agitated with every little thing. This has made my tics very, very bad. I tried to hurt myself — not cutting myself or anything too severe — pulling at my hair and skin. I wanted to hit things and break things. I haven’t yet, thank goodness, but it is still scary sometimes.

I’ve also been crying about the things that have irritated me. I have been out of Zoloft ever since last Friday. My mom is planning on getting Zoloft for me today because we’ve been having money problems.

I also have been procrastinating too much when it comes to writing. I am writing a little bit, but not enough. I need to get the rest of my ideas down, and then I can proceed with editing. That’s just how I am. I am trying my best to push myself to write, but I am a teenager, and the internet distracts me far too much, haha!

Also, many of you know that I have gotten an upper respiratory infection. This started out as an allergy from the dust after cleaning the house. But because I didn’t want to disgust my friends over Easter, I didn’t cough anything up or get anything out. This caused the infection.

Yesterday morning, there was no movement in my right lung. After taking some cough syrup, I was able to cough more things up and now there is more movement. Now, being me, I was scared that I was going to die. My mom comforted me in saying that she won’t let me, haha! I am still coughing stuff up and I am getting better little by little.

So that is my week for all of you. Question of the week: What happened on your Easter? Was it interesting? Fun? Happy? Sad? Hope you all are having an awesome week! :)



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