The future is bright

Hi everyone, I can’t believe how quickly summer is approaching. What’s new in my world? Well…I can’t wait to see everyone at the weekend retreat. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and singing for you and WITH you this weekend.

My senior year of high school is almost over. I am nervous and excited for the future and also sad to say goodbye to my friends. The future is bright.

I have been so busy. I had my senior prom. That was A M A Z I N G. Last year, I was afraid to ask a girl to prom, I thought that no one would want to go to prom with the “Autistic Kid”. This year, I found my confidence and realized that the only person holding me back was me. I went and had a great time with my date Joanna and our friends.

I have been singing a lot! My favorite gig recently was singing at the Memorial Day services. I love singing the National Anthem, but to be surrounded by Veterans and on such a somber day — well, it is an honor. Here is the video.

Last week, I was blessed with pinkeye. They say real men wear pink…I sure did.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Terrill Road Middle School to help my friend Josh and his teachers put together a walk for Tourette Syndrome. I am looking forward to supporting his efforts and meeting his friend, teachers and classmates.

I have been following everyone on the blogs, it’s great to see so many teens getting involved and making a difference. The more we use our voices the more we will be heard.

Follow me on twitter @corysings and check out my event page. I am looking forward to posting pictures on my website soon, especially of my NJCTS teen friends.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and see you this weekend!




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