Teens4TS exists because of conversations like this

The following conversation took place the other day on the Teens4TS Facebook page. One of our newest bloggers, RoxanneSix, introduced herself this way:

“Hey, I’m 15 and I’ve had Tourette since I was nearly 2 or 3. I got paralyzed, and the docs said I would never walk again, but I did, and something didn’t work out, and I developed Tourette. I’m the first one in my family history to have it, but I’m proud of it because it makes me unique.”

Then after a series of piercing, unacceptable bullying by two users that had to be blocked and their comments removed, an exchange between our new Facebook moderator, RuthieP; Roxanne; and several other Facebook users took place. Here is how it went down:

RuthieP: “If you cannot respect people with Tourette’s, I will ask you to leave this page and stop commenting if you can’t contain your rude comments. I have had Tourette’s all of my life and I know more about the condition than most adults. I can tell you both, with 100% certainty, that EVERY case of Tourette’s is different. Some people have little control over their tics, and you will see them tic a good majority of the time, while other people have found a lot of control and can hold back their tics almost all day until they can get home to let out their tics. For some people, you would never know they have Tourette’s unless they told you.”


Will Ferguson: “Hahahaha thats complete bull you carnt have perfecrt control over you toorretes that bull one would have to slip out at some point roxanne stop lying. So ruthie or what eva I think scientist research is more valid then your story in the future when you trying to protect a lyer have a good back up story.”


RuthieP: “And since when are you an expert in the scientific research that has been done on Tourettes? Have you ever seen her sleep? Maybe that means she doesn’t do that either. Another thing is that tics aren’t always visible or noticeable to the untrained eye. Some tics are internal like muscle tightening, repetitive swallowing, flexing and separating toes in shoes, or biting your tongue or moving your tongue around in your mouth. Roxanne, don’t worry you know the truth and that’s all that matters. Don’t let people like this get to you. You are stronger than you know.”


RoxanneSix: “Thanks Ruthie :)”


Courtney Farrell: “Well…whether she has or not isn’t any of our business and it’s not our place to call her a liar…”


RoxanneSix: “Thanks courtney :)”


Will Ferguson: “Im not not an expert I looked it up and torroutes are tics/spasms pretty much… you can have little control but not for a whole day roxanne is a liar shes lied about loads of stuff getting people in shit who havnt done nothing so yeah how you expect us to believe her.”

If you are reading this and you are someone who has Tourette Syndrome (or even if you aren’t), how do these words make you feel? No one should be bullied, accused or put down like this. No one, especially not someone with a neurological disorder that, for the most part, they have absolutely ZERO control over. What are your thoughts about this? 



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