I have Tourette, and my future FINALLY looks bright!

Alright, so as many of you know, I was planning on going to school in 2014 for Graphic Design. But what most of you don’t know is why… Well, before Deep Brain Stimulation, I had to come up with jobs I could do from home, on my own, where I wouldn’t have to work directly with people. The only thing that really interested me that I could do from home was graphic design.

But after a lot of thought and research, I’ve decided I want to be a Radiology Technologist specializing in CT / Radiation Therapy. I’d specialize in MRI, but I can’t with having batteries in me… haha. Just goes to show how far I’ve come. I CAN finally function with Tourette’s. For once, I’m really looking forward to my future.

On the fast track to recovery!

Today marked the magical 6 weeks since my Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. I can now “officially” lift over 5 pounds and do whatever I like. Can’t believe how much my life has changed in those 6 weeks. I still feel myself slowly getting better each day.

Yesterday was remarkably good… even my therapist mentioned it (whom I’ve been seeing through this all). Yesterday I sat in a chair through almost the whole therapy session. This was unheard of just 6 weeks ago. I drank out of a mug for the first time, I can make myself / the family dinner (Which I accomplished last night.. yummy!), I’m applying for jobs, and I’m on a hockey team now that starts in the winter!!!

I’m still working on walking distance as its still putting me into episodes, but I haven’t had an episode in 5 days! My hair is growing back FAST, and I’m overall just feeling great. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes!

DBS for TS

Hey all! Not sure if I’ve mentioned here, but last Tuesday (July 16) I got DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) for my Tourette’s.  As some may know, my Tourette’s was very severe and debilitating. DBS was my last option, as I’ve tried it all.  I went for the surgery up at New York University!  Dr. Mogilner performed the surgery.

So far, I’m doing great!  The probes being in my brain has (as Dr. Mogilner described) damaged that part and temporarily stimulated it, in turn causing my tics to dwindle to a mild state the past week!  Now that my brain is healing, my tics are coming back.  He said that would happen, and it’s a great sign that it calmed my tics to begin with.

I get my batteries turned on to stimulate my brain Friday, July 26.  I am beyond excited!  My future is looking very positive now. 🙂

Need to get off my medication before the big surgery

Hey everyone! I have a prayer request!! I have to go off all of my medicine before having Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. As some of you know, the reason I can even feed myself and bathe myself is due to a medication called NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). We’ve lowered the dose, as I need off it today!! I’m really nervous that I’m not going to be able to function at ALL. The pain is unbearable even with NAC, so I can’t imagine being off it again!! Any prayers would be appreciated!! Thank you all!!

I also want to say I’ve felt an overwhelming calmness of my body lately. While I obviously still tic, I’m not hurting as bad. I actually went mini-golfing with my brother and his friends the other day. I did well, too — no huge cursing tics or falling on the ground. I was able to walk around! Was a bit drained and fatigued when I got home, but I truly feel God working through me. I know he’s with me!!! Oh, and PS — I won in mini-golf! Haha