Support is one of the best things in the world

All I can say is WOW. I just got back from a dinner with my parents and grandparents to see all of your love and support. I was shocked when I saw that so many people had commented on this post to let me know how much you guys support me.

I read every single comment, and each and every one made me feel like I am important, I am someone, I am making a difference, and I am a part of this amazing TS community. You are all amazing, and you all made me feel so much better!

I know my mom truly loves me, cares about me, and wants the best for me in life, but I believe I also now need to accept that she just can’t understand what Tourette Syndrome truly is and what I go though with it every day.

For me, you guys and my amazing friends from high school and college are my rock. You make me feel loved, understood and accepted. Sometimes after I have a conversation like this with my mom, I feel hopeless, but coming back to this brightened my spirits.

This time, I know there is no reason to feel what I have felt in the past. This time, I know that although some people just don’t understand differences, the overwhelming majority of people I have encountered in my life and will encounter in the future will understand and accept me if I just explain and am open about what I have and how it effects me. You guys are the best.

Even though she cannot accept my TS, I just have to accept her for who she is and for her inability to come to terms with this. One of the hardest things is that because of her inability to accept my TS, I suppress my tics around her.

That is one of the hardest things for me, not only because suppressing them is of course physically painful and distressing, but because I feel like she doesn’t know the real me. The real me lets my tics out around my friends and in class because I am not ashamed that I have TS and I accept myself, tics and all.

The real me advocates for acceptance and understanding of TS and all differences. The real me is not afraid to let others know that I have TS because Tourette is something I was born with, something that is a part of me and something that has made me the person who has a passion for making a difference in the world and for making everyone who has differences feel loved, accepted and not alone.




  1. No one can understand ts inless they have ts. I feel the same way sometimes, that is why I love this website it shows that I wm not the only one. Keep strong we can battle ts together:-)

    • i know! this website is da bomb! i dont ever write my own stuff (too scared!) but i luv reading wut others have to say. its inspiriring.

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