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NOTE: From time to time, we get submissions from people all over the world via our Teens4TS Facebook page! We are very excited to share with you a little picture and note about Richard Gauvin of Leamington, Ontario in Canada that his older sister wrote about him! He has his own Tourette Awareness group on Facebook, too, so be sure to check him out there.

“I just want to introduce my baby brother who is 12 years old. His name is Richard, and he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome a couple years ago! His Tourette took a turn for the worse just a few months ago, and his medication was doing absolutely nothing for him. He was going through severe depression because he couldn’t even attend school!

The other night at 2:30 a.m., he was admitted into the emergency department, then in the afternoon was sent to a treatment center to find a medication that suits him and will help him be able to live how he wants.

He is gone for a minimum of 7 days at least. :( I would like to show him how many people care for him! So please leave your thoughts and other pleasant comments for him to read! It would mean the world to us all just to see how many people really know what he is going through.

Richard — I love you baby boy! I’ll always be here for you. XOXO.”




  1. Richard, best of luck bud! I have Tourettes as well, and I am almost twenty. I have had it since I was seven, so I can relate. Mine have never been as bad as yours, but I know how rough it can get. I had a lot of up and downs in finding the right medication for myself, and have hit a lot rough patched trying to find it. For a while in seventh and eighth grade my tics were bad, and the medication was not working for me. I almost spiraled into depression over that and a few other things, but I tried to hold strong. Best of luck hun, things will lighten up for the better! As my parents always say, everything turns out for the best in the end.

  2. i dont understand why an awesome post like this has only 24 comments. are there only 24 people out there who care about stuff like this? makes me sad.

  3. Richard u have so many people around u that LOVE U and CARE for U !!! Don’t every give up or get down U r a role model for so many others !!! U r more of a MAN than I’ll ever be l!!! I will ALWAYS keep u in my prays and check in

    n on u !!

  4. Dude you rock. Keep the faith. You seem to have a strong support system around you. Keep us all updated on how you’re doing.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that when things get bad, really bad then that means things have to start looking up again. Times get tough but it sounds like your sister is amazing in her support and love for you! I want you to know you are not alone. I do not have TS but my daughter does. Lots of people, even those without TS go through depression and it is not fun. I know it can seem like life is just too hard but I promise you that when times seem tough if you just stick it out and hang in there they do eventually get better…I promise! So many people are here to support and lift you up and are here to talk to you and be here for you through the challenges. We may not know every step of your challenges but I would bet there are a lot of people here that do totally get it and would love to have a friend like you! I myself am participating in the Tourette Syndrome documentary because there needs to be more awareness of the affect that TS has and how people are treated. I hope to help bring awareness one person at a time. You know, my daughter is only 8 and we have only known she has TS for 8 months. I pray that one day she will find her voice and be able to fight back and stand up for those with TS and be able to maybe make videos and educate. Maybe when you feel better you can help to make a difference by making some youtube videos to explain the depression that can and frequently accompanies TS. I know I would watch because I still need to understand it all, I want to understand it all. We NEED you and people like you to help us (Newly diagnosed kids and parents of kids with TS) to understand all aspects of TS- ALL of it, not the sugar coated parts. The raw truth! I want you to know, that I personally am going to be praying for you and I have faith in you that you are going to come back fighting because God knew you were strong enough to fight this fight and he has far bigger plans for your life. You may not know what they are yet, but he does! So, when you get better and you feel like possibly talking feel free to look me up- I am here to talk or even just listen. Yes, I am an adult but we all need someone to talk to or to listen to us at times. We all NEED that!! Another thought….maybe you have no one near you that has TS, maybe you feel alone because of that. I do not know, but IF you do maybe it would be cool to find a friend with TS to skype so that you can have a different kind of relationship than just a phone relationship? Just a thought. But please, do not ever think you are alone- there are people out there that do care- complete strangers that you do not even know. Strangers like me:) I care and I will be praying for you to make a complete recovery and see how strong you really are, I know it might not happen over night….but that is ok. I believe you will look back and eventually see this as a point in your life where you learned some life lessons and grow tremendously from this- and probably use it to help another person suffering form TS or depression! (((HUGS))) Please know, you are never alone!!

  6. Hey! I have tourette syndrome too. i really hope everything works out for you! As you get older it will probably lessen and it will be easier to deal with. Good Luck! :)

  7. This is the most difficult time. My son had his worst tics at this age. It was at this time that we found an alternative therapy, chiropractic neurology, that made a HUGE difference. Within a month, his eyes were tracking better and he was reading for pleasure, something he had never done before. His tics lessened to the point that it was rare to see them. His schoolwork improved and his occupational therapy at school progressed to the point of him being released. He continues to do well today, at 17. He also no longer takes medication. Not every therapy works for everyone, but this definitely worked for our son. We’ll never look back.

  8. Hey man, ive been there too. you can chat with me on facebook if you want. the link below is my fb page. ive been through depression as well. Along with hospitalizations, and school problems. So im here 2 tlk. I also have a blog.



    I am here to help

    Thanks Ethan

  9. Richard, I am 39 and have Tourettes. Out of my 3 sons my youngest (5 y/o) is the only one who has Tourettes and gets VERY bad episodes and is having some problems in Kindergarten. I keep reminding him to stay strong and focused and he can accomplish anything.So I understand and want to remind you to take a breath and hang in there. I am a RN who works in a Peds ER in my area and even though you have Tourettes, just know you to can accomplish anything. Good luck..

  10. Richard, my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with TS a couple of months ago. She’s one of the brightest, most fun and creative people I know and I have discovered these are common traits for

    a lot of kids with TS. You seem to be one of them!! Hang in there, Richard, always be proud of who you are! With Love from Sweden

  11. Stay strong buddy! My son was diagnosed almost a year ago and he was only 15. We struggle daily but have not gave up the fight. Don’t give up son!!!

  12. Richard, My son is 12 and has Tourette’s too. I’m sorry you are having such a tough time right now. I see you have a Facebook page for TS Awareness. It shows you have the strong, positive spirit needed to get through life’s rough spots and a loving family to help you along the way. Hang in there. You will get better! You are in our thoughts. Best of luck!!! (Jane & Ian)

  13. Richard, my son was diagnosed with TS at a very early age. His symptoms have been broad and at many times severe. He learned early on that there was no shame in his tics, and never avoided an opportunity to educate others. There are of course examples of famous people who have faced the same challenges you and my son have. My advice is do not let TS define who you are. You can and will define yourself in other ways. Associate with others who accept you, tics and all. Find a way to display your talents in music, art, sports, writing, acting, or whatever you choose to do. Stay positive and be grateful for the loving sister you have.

  14. Richard, my 8-year old son missed the last 2 months of school last year because he had running/banging into things tic. So we know first hand, like you, how important school is. We both felt very isolated from the world. We couldn’t go many public places. What helped us is having good friends over, playing outside, and we even discovered sensory friendly movies where my son could move and scream. I know you are in a tough spot now, but things WILL get better. We had a long summer of therapy and tweaking meds, but my son is now back in school and doing great. You and my son, unlike many of your peers, can truly appreciate school. Hang in there. We are rooting for you all the way from Florida, USA!

  15. My son has TS so we are praying for you please stay strong soon you will find a way to coexists with Ts like my son says kick Ts in the ass <3 one day at a time :) Stay strong !!!

  16. Hi , MY name is Lisa I am from Staten Island, I also know someone with TS, they have had great improvement with Dr Brown, a chiropractor on Staten Island on Amboy Rd, nothing crazy, just a few adjustments once or twice a week for a 15 min in & out session. He has helped vocal tics for a 15 year old boy. Please email me if you would like any other info. Don’t let TS scare you, with the right meds and treatment you can beat it . Stay strong and think positive thoughts, because this condition can be controlled it just takes time.

  17. u r a good big sister! r u responsible 4 alot of his care? does he require alot of care?

    • Kaytlyn, thank you for everything you do for your brother! You seem like a terrific sister! Would you be interested in blogging on his behalf throughout this process, sort of a way to provide inspiration and updates? Let us know at teens@njcts.org.

  18. I’m from Edmonton and I’ve been reading this site for some time now without ever commenting. I think it’s great what you do on this site and am glad that you have a connection to the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada. And go Richard, from one proud Canadian to another! :)

  19. Hey Richard,

    My 15 yr old daughter has TS too. And some days are just so so rough. She’s hanging in there just like you are. She can go to school, but her major tic is a screaming one. Yup, she screams a ear piercing scream. No fun for her or the other kids at school. She took a “mental health” day last week cuz she couldn’t take it anymore and needed a rest. So we totally understand taking a break. I wish I could tell you that all will be well soon, but I just don’t know. Everyone’s different. As quickly as your major troubles came on, that’s how quickly they can disappear. So hang in there and have hope. My daughter is hanging in there too. She’s not on meds by the way. She said they didn’t help and she doesn’t like “the way she feels” on them. I hear some other teens say that they’re glad they have TS. That’s a great attitude to take. Its hard to think that. But your amazing sister wouldn’t have written this blog post if you didn’t have TS. And I suspect you will be an amazingly strong teen and adult cuz of all the rough days you’ve had fighting TS. You have a bright and amazing future ahead of you.

  20. Oh, Richard. I have Tourettes Syndrome as well, but I can not imagine how rough things have been for you, not being able to go to school and being hospitalized. Tourettes is a tricky thing to deal with, but it doesn’t define you. Also, Tourettes can be a positive thing for you someday. Tourettes can give you the confidence to say and do things you would normally be afraid to, it can give you energy, and you can be an encourager to others with Tourettes. Of course, there are downsides to everything, but try to look at the bright side. You are in my prayers.

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