Speaking at the Dare to Dream Student Leadership Conference

Hey guys, I am so excited to tell you this! This year, for the third year in a row, I will be a keynote speaker at the Dare To Dream Student Leadership Conference at Rutgers University. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a convention for teenagers with disabilities.

There are keynote speakers who talk about what they have been doing and how they have learned to overcome and live with their disabilities, as well as small-group sessions where people talk about different things.

Last year, one of my classmates was a speaker in the small groups and talked about how to write a college resume. Anyways, I am so excited!!! I am going to talk about my Tourette’s, my OCD and the battles I have overcome. I will also talk about my dreams for the future.

I will be going with my old high school, and I can’t wait to see some of my old friends again!! Remember, keep your heads high guys. I know it can get hard, but there is always hope. Whenever a door closes, another one opens!



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