Share your Tourette’s story!

Hey everyone! I’m working on a new blog post that will be a collection of uplifting personal stories about Tourette’s. Here’s how you can help: Write out an answer to one of the prompts below and include a picture of yourself or your child (whoever the story is about). If you prefer to video tape yourself or your child talking instead of writing out the story, feel free to! You can send me your story or video by commenting below, messaging it to me through Facebook, or e-mailing me at jspershing93@gmail.com. Here are the prompts:

  • What was a time that someone in your life (a friend, a parent, a another relative, or a teacher) did something to support you during a difficult time with your Tourette’s? What did they do and why did it make a big impact on you?
  • Tell a story of a time when someone in your life made light of your Tourette’s in a way that helped you feel better about yourself and your Tourette’s.
  • Tell a story of a time you were having a difficult time with your tics in public and a stranger did or said something positive and unexpected.
  • What was something that made you realize that you can go forward and succeed as a person with TS?
  • Tell a funny story of something that happened because of your tics/Tourettes.
  • What is something positive that has come out of your Tourette’s?”


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