Seeking friends

I wish I at least had one friend that would wanna hang out with me. One that would do everything with me. But, unfortunately, I don’t. All my friends never wanna hang with me or do anything with me. They just keep to themselves or hang out with other people. And now, it is the day of my junior prom and I will be sitting at home alone while all my friends enjoy themselves tonight. I wish, oh I wish, that someone would take me. But it’s too late.




  1. Did you wind up going and having a good time? I sure hope so. No one should ever be alone or feel like they are alone.

    • No i didn’t go. I go to VCS online school and we don’t have prom. So my public school, the one i went to before i switched at the beginning of the school year, had prom and i asked my friend if i gave him the money, if he would by me a ticket and he never came by my house to get the money so i didnt go

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