Props to my mom, plus another Tourette Syndrome question

My mom did an OUTSTANDING job on her presentation the other night about IEPs, 504s, and the IMPORTANCE of having an advocate come with you to your meetings. Mom, you are my INSPIRATION and I would not be the person I am today without you! Feel free to view her site at http://www.StarrAdvocacy.com/.

On another note, here is another question from a mother named Kim who posted on my Help Spread The Word About Tourette Syndrome Facebook page:

Hello, my son Aiden has TS. I have a question for you. Do or did you have a subject in school that would make make you tic? If so, how did you get through it? He’s in 5th grade, and they are introducing biology in his science class. He said talking about the body and the nervous system is too much. I totally understand why.

What do you think everyone? Can you help out Kim with some answers from your own lives? Both she and I would really appreciate it!




  1. with all the hard work u do logan, it makes sense that ur mom would be like that! like they say, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree! :)

  2. That’s awesome that ur mom is a great support for you. My mom was like that for about a year. I’ve been bad for two years now. I guess she just got tired or annoyed that I still have it. It makes me more sad than I’ve ever felt t.o know that my mom has no compassion or even a positive outlook for me with my tics. My

    Mom gave up on me. She wanted me to come live with her so she could “take care of me” but now she doesn’t care about tryin to help me get better. She does help pay for my insurance and drs appts. Point is she got tired of it and I hope ur mom doesn’t ever give up on you. My mom is so tired of it she wants to kick me out even though I don’t have a job or income. So I pray that it doesn’t happen to you

    Charlie Segal

    Tourette’s for 25 yrs

  3. I find talking about the body and nervous system makes me want to tic a LOT. I think that this is just because subconsciously it makes us think about our tics at the back of our mind if not at the forefront, but that’s just what i think it could be. You never know. Either way it could be possible that if Aiden starts feeling too uncomfortable then he could possibly ask his teacher if he could sit out for a bit. I don’t know what you’re allowed to do and not allowed to do in America though as I live in England but you never know.

    Hope I helped (even if it was only a teeny weeny bit)


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