Poetry: “Why do I have Tourette’s?”

Why, oh why, do I have Tourette’s? Or in reality, does it have me? I don’t know… you don’t know. What DO we even know? Not much, not much. Not much is known. ‘Tis a weird disorder, you see. It makes us move, makes us talk. A tic, it’s called. A tic, a tic!

Tourette’s is tricky. Tourette’s is picky. Tourette’s is also kinda icky. It comes and goes. Waxes and wanes. It’s changing all the time! One day it’s this. The next day it’s that! Please… just stay the same.

A tic, a tic. it’s such a dick! Can you please just let me be? I want some peace. I want some quiet! Why can’t you let me be? It is all I want. All I hope. Please… just let me be.



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  1. i ask myself that every day … why do i have tourettes … and then i think to myself that its just the way god intended for me … might as well make the most of it.

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