Poetry: “Out of Control”

You twist, you turn

You hit, it burns

You throw me around

You beat me down

You’re tearing me apart, I’m losing the fight

You push me left, as I go right

You hold me back from things I love

All I can do is trust in The Lord above

You’ve broken my bones

You’ve made me so alone

You’ve damaged my heart

I feel so broken apart

Every day and every night

I often wonder why I continue the fight

You’ve beaten me so bad

You’ve made me so sad

You’ve done one good thing for me

Sometimes it’s so hard to see

You have made me so strong

I wish I felt that all along

What is it like to be still?

I may never know. What I do know, is that every day is a new day. Life makes crazy turns, but I have to hold on to this little thing called hope.

Hope for a cure.



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