Poetry: Loving an English assignment

I wrote a poem a long time ago dedicated to my mom for an English 2 assignment. I wanted to share it with all of you. I will be trying to post it on Twitch and Jerk (Tourette’s Syndrome) as well. :)

“As My Mother”

More than money, fame or glory, I prize you, my Mother.

You are unlike any other.

When you smile, I smile. You fill me up with joy.

The happiness bubbles inside me like an ice, cold, fizzing soda.

When you cry, I cry.

The sadness in your soul connects to mine.

The darkness creeps into my mind as it does yours.

I am afraid of you never being happy again.

Your childlike essence is a sweet welcome each day.

Your heart is as big as a singing, purple mountain.

When you hurt, I hurt. The scars on your heart carve scars on mine.

We are connected by blood.

As my mother, you understand me.

You know how to talk to me when I am in need.

Your voice is smooth like butter, and as gentle as a breeze.

No matter what, you are always there for me.

I love you, mother. You are my sunshine.

You are the reason I am still in this world.

I sing, dance, laugh that you are in my life.

May your world shine bright.

O Mother, my mother. You make me feel so free.

I can grow to be the woman you have always wanted me to be.

So, I write this poem to show how much I care.

Know always that you will always be in my beating heart.



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