On the fast track to recovery!

Today marked the magical 6 weeks since my Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. I can now “officially” lift over 5 pounds and do whatever I like. Can’t believe how much my life has changed in those 6 weeks. I still feel myself slowly getting better each day.

Yesterday was remarkably good… even my therapist mentioned it (whom I’ve been seeing through this all). Yesterday I sat in a chair through almost the whole therapy session. This was unheard of just 6 weeks ago. I drank out of a mug for the first time, I can make myself / the family dinner (Which I accomplished last night.. yummy!), I’m applying for jobs, and I’m on a hockey team now that starts in the winter!!!

I’m still working on walking distance as its still putting me into episodes, but I haven’t had an episode in 5 days! My hair is growing back FAST, and I’m overall just feeling great. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes!



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