New tics, anyone?

Just curious, how often do you get new tics? I notice I have at least one vocal and motor tic every month. They just pop up one day, and I realize that I must have a new tic because the actions aren’t something I would normally do.

Sometimes, I don’t realize how much I am ticcing or when I am making noises at first, so my friend has to remind me. I find that even with the new tic, the older ones become less popular but are still always there.

Since we started noticing the tics in January, I probably have at least 40-50, I’d say — some really random that only pop up once in a blue moon, while others I have realized will always be part of the show.

What is your experience with new tics? Post them here, or describe on the Teens4TS Great Wall of Tics!



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