New song & video: “Four Months”

Here are the lyrics to my new song Four Months. I hope you like it!

Hello September

You have made my wallet thicker

But I don’t feel any richer

Watch the sky as Saturn bickers with Mars

Count the freckles in the stars

Capture midnight in a jar

Drink it at the local bar

Hello October

So much for staying sober

Four thirty in the morning

And these TV shows are boring

Look at that

The boy down the road took a bath

And hung himself with towels on the rack

I take my coffee black for a reason

Hello November

I didn’t know God was a smoker

‘Til he asked to use my lighter

So we sat all through the night with our cigarettes

He leaned over and said

“I gave you precious bones and flesh”

“Your lungs are pumping ‘cuz mine are dead”

When he left I was alone

I never said hello ‘cuz December came to slow

Oh what a way to go



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