New day, new intro, new quiz!

Hey! I thought of a new intro! It’s purposely a typo. Here we go…………. *Insert drumroll*……………… “herro der.” There. Yay! Anyway, my quiz post is now moved to Friday. Less stressful for me. So this week’s theme is………………..video game easter eggs! Let’s get this party started! Oh yeah!

  1. In the Halo series, there are many easter eggs across all games, but what I’m looking for is this: In the first game, there is a hidden room in the first level dedicated to one of the producer’s girlfreinds, and in that room is a very big letter spelled in bullet holes. What is the letter? Hint: It’s the same first letter as the producer’s girlfriend’s first name.
  2. The very popular and ever expanding Call of Duty series has lots of secrets, such as hidden guns and secret songs (quite a lot of songs, I might add). But in the fastest-selling one so far, Black Ops, in the story mission Numbers, when you collect a secret tape and put it in a tape recorder, it unlocks a secret ridiculously overpowered gun only avalaible in Zombies mode. What is it called? The gun, I mean. Hint: First the “thunder,” then the lightning.
  3. This is a toughy, so, look it up, my peeps. (I LOVE saying that!) In retrospect, saying this is a toughy is an understatement. So let’s make this really quick, shall we? What is the first easter egg ever? OK, OK, I admit that was way over the limit, so a hint awaits you. Hint: It’s in a game called “Adventure.” Done! I did it! Woot! Woot! That’s all, folks!



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