Need to get off my medication before the big surgery

Hey everyone! I have a prayer request!! I have to go off all of my medicine before having Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. As some of you know, the reason I can even feed myself and bathe myself is due to a medication called NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). We’ve lowered the dose, as I need off it today!! I’m really nervous that I’m not going to be able to function at ALL. The pain is unbearable even with NAC, so I can’t imagine being off it again!! Any prayers would be appreciated!! Thank you all!!

I also want to say I’ve felt an overwhelming calmness of my body lately. While I obviously still tic, I’m not hurting as bad. I actually went mini-golfing with my brother and his friends the other day. I did well, too — no huge cursing tics or falling on the ground. I was able to walk around! Was a bit drained and fatigued when I got home, but I truly feel God working through me. I know he’s with me!!! Oh, and PS — I won in mini-golf! Haha



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