Need advice on controlling tics without medication

I need some advice, if any of you can help me out.

Sometimes, I forget to take my medicine for my tics in the morning. When this happens, there either isn’t a big difference or my tics are noticeably worse that day.

When I am on my meds, it isn’t really noticeable that I have tics to the untrained eye. When I do forget to take them and they become worse, I tend to be very fidgety, have trouble standing still and am noticeably more energetic and have more impulse control issues. Overall, I have more trouble suppressing and controlling my tics when I am in public.

So I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience with an increase in tics when you forget to take a dose of your meds? I know I can’t control my tics, but when I am on my meds I have a better grasp on them.

Any advice, tips, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




  1. hi i am 11 years old! i have been twitching my neck, blinking my eyes, kind of closing my eyes tightly shut and opeing repeatedly! i think my mum has noticed! i am not to sure about what to do. i do not have any other conditions. although sometimes i faint. it would be rly helpful to get someones feedback!

  2. I don’t take any medicine for my tics, but I’d imagine that like with anything, if you are not on your medication, it will make it worse. So this probably isn’t just related to tics.

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