My newest tics

Hello fellow Touretters! (I’m still working on an intro, so please comment what

you think I should use!) As you can see by the title, this is a list of my newest tics. So, without further ado, my newest tics! *insert epic intro music*

  • Looking to the right
  • Biting/licking my bottom lip (Note: This one is uber bad.)
  • Scratching/brushing my nose
  • Scratching my chin with my thumb nail

Well, that’s it for now guys. Again, I’m looking for an intro and outro. Please let me know what you want. Also, every 2 weeks I will make a special quiz post, meaning I will post 5 qustions to which you can comment the answers. If you get the answer right, you will be featured in a future post. So, yeah — that’s all, folks!




  1. Jaden, how about this: “To tic or not to tic, that is the question … that I can’t answer!” It’s catchy because it’s a play off of a famous quote, plus it’s true because you can’t control when you tic or don’t tic, so you don’t have an answer for it! What do you think?

        • Oh wow I just realised you commented. Epic fail for me. Anyways, the camp is called Camp Bernie and it’s around the YMCA. Just going to the camp gets you an awesome shirt. It’s held in the winter and summer. You should come this year.

  2. I love the title Jaden. It pulled me in immediately. An Intro…Maybe a statement what TICS is NOT. Good luck. Looking forward to it. I interviewed syndicated cartoonist Jeffrey Koterba (check it out on my website) and read his book. Pretty Compelling. Also I spoke with Jaylen Arnold (again on my radio website). My son who has autism has exhibited tics that we believe derived from a med he’s been taking and I’m looking into whether crouching and jumping is also a sign of tourettes. Glad there is a TEENS4TS! Best, ANNE

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