My life in school, part 2: The Present

One joy scatters a hundred griefs.

~ Chinese Proverb

Hello everyone. In my last post (which got quite a few comments — thank you, everyone!), I talked about how life in school was for me in the past. It was horrific, terrible, depressing and overwhelming. Now, I will talk about how my life was set straight — how everything finally started brightening up.

So I told you how I became suicidal in 7th grade and how my mom took me out because of how horrible everyone was to me. Well, after mom took me out, I never finished 7th grade. I went 9 months without school because we were trying to figure out how I could go to school without going through the same situations that I did before. Mom already had homeschooling in consideration.

Now, at the time, I didn’t want to do homeschooling. I loathed the thought of even trying it. I don’t know why, but I just hated everything about it. Actually, everything I thought about it was wrong. I thought I had to stay home all the time and never see friends. I thought I would still have to use textbooks and my teachers would still be cruel to me. I thought they would send me a ton of homework and that it would be sent back in a complicated system. I thought I’d never have homecoming or prom. I just went all negative on the subject.

But my mom realized that it would probably be the best thing for me. So she started going to her friend on how to get me into Florida Virtual School (FLVS). Her friend homeschooled all three of her kids using FLVS. So she knew how everything worked. After registering and getting settled in, I learned how to choose my courses. My first year in FLVS was 8th grade. I was very nervous when I found out that I had to talk to my teachers over the phone, especially for welcome calls. It took me a year and a half to get used to talking to my teachers.

Ever since I started homeschooling, I was much happier. I was more positive about school, I learned more than I ever did — even in math, and my teachers became more like best friends. I have only had one teacher who was kind of a jerk. And one teacher was kind of difficult, but she wasn’t mean.

I am doing well in school so far. Ever since I started high school, I had at least one male teacher in each grade. This year, I have my first male math teacher. He’s so funny and he’s very understanding. I am keeping a B in Algebra 2 which usually NEVER happens in any math class.

I will be finishing high school in FLVS. I’m doing well now, and I won’t be fixing something that isn’t broken. Some of my old friends are saying that I’m missing out on the high school experience. But, really, I’m not. I don’t want to go through all of that drama and peer pressure. I don’t want to deal with pressure about relationships and sex and alcohol and drugs and my tics and so forth. I’m happy where I am, and I’m sticking to it.

That’s my school life for ya! Hope you all are having a sweet day. :)




  1. oh yayyy! this is soooo much better than ur last post! ive never heard of a virtual school but it sounds cool. u get to go to school in ur jammies! i wish! if u had 2 pick what the best part of it is, what would u say it is?

    • I’m glad you like my post. I’m sorry the last one wasn’t good. And yes, going to school in pajamas is amazing! And, I would have to say that the best part of going to virtual school is working at my own pace. I get to work whenever I want however I want…of course it all has to be done by midnight on Sunday each week. But, hey, I’d rather have that than the stress at public and private school. :)

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