My boyfriend has Tourette Syndrome

Up until about four months ago, I knew almost nothing about Tourette Syndrome. The extent of my knowledge was “Tourette’s Guy” and that one South Park episode, which — to be honest with you — I thought were stupid even before I got educated. But in December of this past year, two very important things happened.

First, I found out that a 4-year-old girl that I work with was working on being diagnosed with Tourette’s. Second, I met Keith — my boyfriend.

Since then I have learned a ton about Tourette Syndrome and the disorders that surround it. Keith’s openness and willingness to offer explanations has helped me not only to be a good girlfriend to him, but also to be a better teacher to the kids at my preschool.

Over the past few months I have developed a passion for spreading awareness to people who are like I was. My hope is to help each and every person with Tourette Syndrome find acceptance and understanding in society.

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  1. I can say for sure the MSG does cause TS symptoms to agitate. My boyfriend has TS and he had some Yellowork rice and pork last night. We are definitely going to stay away from MSG. I try myself already because it causes heart palpitations in me but for him , it brought out the worst of TS.

  2. Hello,

    My boyfriend is 21 and has tourettes syndrome. Its really hard for him and I am so desperate for ways to help. I could really use some advice. Thank you

  3. Hello! I always told the people I was dating that if they noticed my tics were bad, to not mention it to me. For me, my tics come out the worst when I’m stressed or uncomfortable. For me, when I feel “called out” it makes them even worse because I’m aware of them and feel very self-conscious, which makes me even more aware and nervous, and the cycle continues. I’m now married and my wife will grab my hand and hold me close when she notices they’re very active. She helps calm me down. She also knows they are a good stress gauge and they actually spark a lot of really great conversations that help me talk about what’s bothering me. I think that anyone who is trying to help support their significant other is already doing a lot to understand. I wish you guys all the best!

  4. I found out today that my boyfriend has turrets as well. This doesn’t change my opinion about him, obviously. But I want to know how I can better help and be a support to him.

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