COLLEGE WEEK: Meeting with Boston University admissions

Dear fellow teens with Tourette Syndrome,

I am a senior in high school and on the hunt to find a university that is “right for me. Two weeks ago, I visited Boston University. OMG! It is incredible! It has every major you could think of! The dorms are so cool! And the campus is beautiful!

Prior to my visit, I was able to schedule a meeting with an Admissions Office counselor. I learned that it is important to speak with someone from the university staff and tell them how you are interested in their school and explain your school experience with TS. I explained how I speak at schools about bullying and gave them a copy of my book, “Emily’s Tic.”

Although the one-on-one meeting was stressful, I am glad that I did it. The representative seemed impressed with my work. I strongly suggest educating others about your TS and then bringing those experiences to your college search process. The schools are now looking for students who have overcome challenges, and that is what we have done!

On another note: When I forgot all of my news articles at home showing my work with NJCTS, I was able to get a hold of Jeff at the NJCTS office, and he sent copies of them my way. Jeff always has my back :)

P.S. — If you have not already, pretty-please sign up for the Mendham Walk! It’s an amazing opportunity to have a fun day our while raising money for NJCTS’ education outreach programs. Chances are, you’ve been helped by one of those programs or know someone who has. They can’t exist without our help! So give back to the organization that has given to you — or, at the very least, has given to someone just like you! Thanks!

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