Marc Elliot claiming to be cured of his TS? What do you guys think?

Sorry for the long post guys, but I think this is important! Please comment! I really want your opinions on this!

What do you guys think of this? Marc Elliot claims that he has been cured of his TS by taking human potential courses. When this post was posted on this site and on the Teens4TS Facebook page, people started commenting and were pretty outraged by this claim.

One person said, “Just because his tics are minimized does not mean he does not have TS. If he is saying he did not have disorders, then he had a tic disorder, NOT Tourette. Everything waxes/wanes with TS is neurological and there is no cure… It is wrong for him to claim he cured himself like an elixir considering the facts of what Tourette is!”

Another person said, “Anyone educated on Tourette can blow holes into his claim. So many years of bringing awareness and ignorance like this out there that hurts it!”

And yet another person said, ” There are so many vague points in his letter that need to be examined. Has anyone ever gone for a treatment from a program that does not have a web site?… Have you ever participated in a program where they won’t tell you the names of the instructors or their credentials?… Some people with TS are so vulnerable and can be played upon so easily. Use logic and ask questions and please do not get sucked in by the promise of something that seems too good to be true.”

And yet even another person said, ” I’d much rather focus on all the great things people impacted by TS are doing rather than having to protect our kids from the insanity of a program that should never have even made it to the site given the smoke and mirrors and unanswered questions. I agree that people should make their own decisions, but, there are some things that are so off track that it creates a danger for our kids”

To see the whole converstation and to chime in on it with your opinions if you want to you can go here. PLEASE comment on this, either here or on the Facebook page. This is really important, and if we’re all to get to the bottom of this, we all need to participate. Thank you!



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