Major motor tics

I had major motor tics yesterday. They were so bad that I had to leave class and stand next to the soda machine on the basement level because I knew I couldn’t let tics that big out in class without causing some serious alarm. I had to do my hitting tics where I hit my stomach, chest and legs as hard as I can while also doing full-body jerking tics.

And if that wasn’t enough, I went to the student health center to get some marks on my fingernail checked out and now they’re going to put me though all these blood tests and other various tests to make sure I don’t have an auto-immune disease.

I think they’re way overreacting, and so does my grandma who is a doctor as well. It’s probably nothing, but they still have to do the tests to be sure. Wish me luck with the tests and lets hope the lab results come out negative like my grandpa says they will.



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