It’s Disabilities Awareness Week on campus!

This week I found out about a new student group on my campus. It’s called Wash U Disability Awareness Campaign, or WUDAC for short. For some reason, I didn’t know about it until now, but now that I know about it I am excited about joining!

This week is WUDAC week on campus, and as a part of the week they have a large painted square in the underpass (the area that student groups use to advertise and which every sophomore and freshman walks under to go to class) that says “What does disability mean to you?” and provides sharpies for people to write on. That was a huge success as many people shared their thoughts on it!

Also, they are doing a photo campaign which I participated in yesterday! Every day of the week this week they are at a table in the main eating area on campus encouraging students to write a statement about disability on a board and have their picture taken, which will later be put up on Facebook.

This is my picture for the photo campaign that they took yesterday!

It’s already up on Facebook, and when I shared it on my personal Facebook page, people seemed to really like it. A bunch of the girls from my sorority liked it, and these are the girls that I always worry would judge me about my Tourette’s — even though I know they are really just as amazing and accepting as everyone else on campus.

People from Camp Twitch and Shout liked it, too, as well as my friends from high school, elementary school and college. In total, it got about 40 likes! I think that’s a new record for anything I have posted on my personal Facebook page before!



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