It is what makes us family

This whole month has been a crisis. Just when you think it is over, you think you have it all figured out, you don’t; or at least I don’t. I have gone about three years without taking medication. But all of a sudden it is all back and worse than ever. I cannot even walk into a library without feeling uncomfortable.

I was yelling metal and coffee, like seriously. I understand it is a part of me and everything, but no matter how much i try to cope with it, it just will keep digging and digging and won’t stop until I feel super uncomfortable. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want to go back to medication, I can’t ignore it, it is so obnoxious.

And I know a blog could be inspirational, but I just am being honest. This is really getting old and I hope everyone out there is doing great, all I know is that going to school and realizing you have something that other people weren’t born with makes you feel so uncomfortable, and don’t know if they will accept it.

I just am stoked for the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders’ (NJCTS) 5th annual NJ Walks for TS at Mendham on November 15! This one will be so fun, and that’s honestly what I am looking forward to. So if anyone can make it out this year, I hope to see you there.

But just so all you know, having Tourette brings all of my fellow ticcers together. We’re a a family and we don’t let anyone get us down. Keep your head up, This has been the 10th year for me living with Tourette and I plan have it as a gift instead of a curse.



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