Indonesian teen is in law school despite involuntary movements

I am 19, from Jakarta, Indonesia, and I studying law at the University of Indonesia. But I suffer Tourette Syndrome. It’s 
one of things I never thought I would experience in life, but as time has gone by, I’ve decided it is OK to experience this. It’s God’s will.

I first felt that I had TS when I constantly would have some involuntary movements in my neck, eye blinking and other involuntary movements that didn’t feel very good. My parents and my sisters always said that I had to stop it, but I just could not! I was doing it without thinking. :(

I have suffered it for 7 years now, and I feel as if I’ve lost a little bit of my academic skill — and especially sports skills. But I think I am still good enough at singing and playing my violin. Most important of all, I have been accepted to one of the best law schools in Indonesia!

That means I do not have to be very shy about what I suffer, as long as I am thankful and think that God has these things in my life for a reason. So, I enjoy life, and Tourette Syndrome is not an obstacle for me to enjoy life. :)




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