I may have Tourette, but Tourette doesn't have me

Hey everyone! I would like to stress the fact that people with Tourette Syndrome are still people, too. I have a pretty much ordinary teenage life, except I have a few things about me that make me very different from other kids. Even though I am very different, I am very much the same as them at the same time. It’s confusing, but it’s true.

I have a disorder that is … let’s face it … pretty peculiar. It is a part of my life, though, and I have good and accepting friends. I tic, unlike all the other kids I know, but I still hang out with friends, get boyfriends and go to parties — not wild parties … yet. I know that one day I am going to be the designated driver for my crazy best friend “Holly. Even though I’m extremely anxious about driving, I’ve been encouraged that I’ll be able to do it one day.

I may have four different medicines prescribed to me, but I still go to sleepovers and have fun. I may stay up until the AM ticcing so hard that I get cramps in my muscles, but I still go out to places with my friends the next day. I may have extreme anxiety about driving, but I still take Holly’s golf cart out for a spin almost every weekend.

I may go to a psychiatrist, but hey, who doesn’t these days? I may need things to be symmetrical, but I still wear cute dresses even if they cannot be one-shoulder dresses. I may stress out over school everyday, but I still get straight A’s. I might have gone to the emergency room for a tic that was nonstop for more than 40 hours, but I’m still a pretty healthy person.

I may have Tourette, but Tourette doesn’t have me.



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