How have people reacted to you having Tourette? I want to know!

Hey guys and gals! Been a while, huh? Well, thankfully, school is over, so that should either have a positive or negative effect on how much I write! Today I wanted to talk about the reactions people have to Tourette Syndrome.

If people have given you any strange, mean or even funny responses when you told them that you have Tourette, just comment on this blog post what they were! I will include them in a YouTube video about reactions to Tourette.

My most annoying response that I always get would probably be the one that goes like, “Oh my gosh! That’s so cool! I would definitely use that to my advantage and cuss in class a bunch!”
Now, you can’t tell me that wouldn’t annoy you, too. Recently, I was telling someone who also had Tourette about a few things going on with my TS, and they kept saying, “That’s weird.” Really? That’s weird? You have complex tics, too! I don’t understand how someone else who has the same condition as me would think what I was doing was… Weird! If I’m weird, you’re weird too!
Sometimes, I try to look at myself from someone else’s point of view. Honestly, if I knew nothing about Tourette, and had just met myself, I would think I was extremely weird. But when someone else who has TS says what you do is weird, that’s just kind of peculiar.
If you don’t have Tourette, your first impression of me depends on the kind of day I’m having with my tics. If it’s a bad day, then yes, I understand why you think I’m weird. If you see some girl puffing up her cheeks and making high-pitched squeaking noises at you, you’d think she was weird too, unless you knew about Tourette.
That’s one of the reasons I have this blog — to raise awareness so that people know about that girl who puffs up her cheeks and squeaks. So they know why she’s doing it, what makes her do it, why she can’t stop. I know just what it is like to be her, and trust me, it’s not always fun.
On a happier note, HAPPY SUMMER! Everyone have a great one! :)



  1. I get all the classics: “Does that just mean you swear all the time?” “Really, I never noticed!” and often an “Oh…” followed by an awakard silence. Also had a couple of “No you don’t” responses beforw, which depending on my mood is either amusing or completely exasperating!

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