High school seniors with Tourette: College will be just fine

Hey guys, I haven’t written in a while, I know. I have had a lot going on, with changing rooms in college, homework and classes. I just want you to know that for those who are trying to get into college, don’t worry. Try your best on your SATs and you will get into a college.

Don’t think that because you have Tourette’s you wont get into college or do good in college. You will do perfectly fine, and college students are much more mature than high school and middle school students. They will understand about your Tourette’s and you will make friends.

Of course, there are going to be those ones that will be mean, but there are so many fewer ones then in high school and middle school. I changed rooms and am roommates with one of my best friends. She helps me through my ups and downs, and I help her through hers. It’s the perfect combination.

You will figure out who your true friends are and who the fake ones are. Don’t be afraid to let the bad ones go — they don’t deserve you.

Now, I know for me, with my OCD, Tourette’s and anxiety, I feel like I will never have a relationship, because I mean, come on, who would want to date someone as messed up as me? But you can’t think like that. I still find myself to this day thinking that, but you can’t.

Don’t let your disability take control and let you think that. Think of it as a little extra perk to yourself. It makes you stronger, and you know that by the amount that you have been through, you can do this. Someone will find you; let that person come to you. Don’t go and find them.

I’ve tried for so long to find the person and hoping that he likes me and this and that, but I’ve realized that you have to wait for them to find you. And if it’s meant to be, it will happen. Good happens to everyone, it just depends on when it will occur. Enjoy everything life has to offer.

Good will come, just be patient. I know it’s hard, but you’ve been through so much already, how much can a little bit more waiting hurt?



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