Hiding out, the winter blues & a nice boost

I got super busy planning the wedding that I almost forgot to tell you all about it! Even though I had a whole year to plan, I, your typical procrastinator, ended up doing most of the hard work at the last minute. I began to freak out a bit when we came to the week of the wedding and I thought the entire thing was going to be a disaster, but with some help from some wonderful friends and family, everything went off wonderfully. The wedding was beautiful. Everyone absolutely had a blast at the reception.

Then, we went to Kentucky Lake for our honeymoon, which was absolutely gorgeous, especially with the trees just starting to turn colors and the beautiful fall weather. It stormed at night, which was just amazing because I sleep so well when it storms. When we got back, there was so much to clean up and deal with from after the wedding. There were things we had missed while we were gone. It took us a little bit to get settled back in to everyday life after having an entire week to ourselves.

Then came Old Man Winter. Winter can be a beautiful season. For some, however, Winter can be a difficult season. The Winter Blues turn into some major Winter Lazies. I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m just stating what is a fact for some people, including myself. I don’t like the cold. I enjoy a snow day or two, but not being cooped up in the house for days. I don’t want to get out in the cold, but then I feel isolated at home.

This past week gave us a glimpse of something entirely different. We got a taste of spring with a few warm days and a lot of sunshine. In the midst of a week where I wasn’t sleeping well and my confidence in myself was running short because of the endless tasks I was not accomplishing, the nice weather change was a beautiful reminder that better days are coming. Life has ups and downs. We just have to push through the low times and make it to the better days that are waiting for us up ahead.

I’ve been using the boost I received this week to work on and finish projects I have started. I’ve taken care of a lot of daily tasks that I have made excuses for not doing when I should have.

Another reason I have enjoyed this break in the cold weather is because even though I have had trouble sleeping this past week or so, I have felt so much more like myself than I have been feeling lately. I don’t know how to explain it. It is such a nice feeling, though. I kind of feel like I’ve been on autopilot the last month or two and suddenly I woke up feeling refreshed, even though I also felt quite sleepy.

I guess the point of this post is to simply say, “Hey, I’m still here. I’ve been hiding out a bit because I’ve been running low on fuel, but I’ve gotten a nice boost lately. I am hoping it is enough of a boost to keep me motivated and moving forward at a bit of a quicker pace than I have been.”

I also wanted to give an example of how life is constantly moving, even if you feel stuck in a situation or season. It seems cold and bleak at the moment, but it won’t always be that way. There will come a break in the weather. There will be warm, sunny days that will give you a boost to tread on. You may not be able to see it. It may not come when you want it to. It will come, though, when you need it the most.



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