Experiencing Sensory Processing Disorder

Check out this great video about sensory processing disorder. It basically describes me as a kid and even to some extent today. Below, I have listed all of the symptoms mentioned in the video and have noted which ones I personally have experienced in the past or currently experience in parentheses.
  • Trouble making eye contact (sometimes, more when I was a kid)
  • Trouble focusing, concentrating and/or following directions (yep!)
  • Selective hearing or difficulty listening (not so much for me)
  • Overly sensitive to loud sounds (oh yes!)
  • Talking too loud or too quiet (sometimes)
  • Make inappropriate noises or repeat myself (you bet! but that’s more of a TS symptom for me)
  • Always smelling people, food, and objects (yes, especially when I was younger, and I will even catch myself doing it now. However, this one can also be a tic!)
  • Chew on everything (I chewed on my hair when I was a kid for YEARS!)
  • Resist certain textures like finger paints of play-dough (oh yes! For me the worst are chalk, velvet, and paper when my hands are wet)
  • Have a hard time standing in line or staying calm during rest period (UM how can I say definition of me as a child!)
  • Poor fine motor skills such as handwriting or cutting (Yes, even today my handwriting is awful and cutting is better but was very bad when I was a kid)
  • Clothes look sloppy (not so much for me)
  • Shoes on the wrong feet (not so much for me)
  • Poor gross motor skills such as running and climbing (yes!)
  • I sit with my legs in the “w” possition when working on the floor (Yes! I sat this way since I was an infant until I was in about 3rd grade)
  • Walk on my tippy toes (not so much for me)
  • Cant sit still (you bet!)
  • Have trouble learning or making friends (yes, with a lot of things when I was a kid)
  • Be very shy (yes, when I was a kid)
  • Trouble coping and having a lot of tantrums and melt downs (yes!)
  • Afraid of a lot of actives that kids usually enjoy (definition of my life!)


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