Exercise … why don’t I?

I wrote a post recently, Positive Distractions, in which I listed six things you can do when feeling low or anxious or just really ‘meh’. I have been thinking more about the things I wrote in that post and thought I would share what has been on my mind. So, in a way, I suppose this post is a bit of an update or part two of that post.

First of all, it has been bothering me that I posted six distractions. Don’t ask me why. It just has. It just isn’t a comfortable number for me.

Next, I would like to inform everyone that I have officially bought a NEW COLORING BOOK! Yay!

Thirdly, and the actual reason for this post, my fiancé and I played tennis the other night. We have been talking about doing this for a while now. So, we met at a local park when I got off work one night earlier this week to play. It was a very interesting experience. During the two hours we were there, the ball strayed outside the fence twice. I think I was finally starting to be able to return the ball sometime in the last half hour. I’m sure I looked ridiculous flinging my racket through the air and hitting…..nothing but air. Needless to say, I am horrible at tennis and Jacob had a good two hour laugh.

I learned two great things that night. The first of the two is something that I learn over and over again. I learned the importance of being able to brush off a failure, laugh at yourself, and start all over again. It is also what I am officially making number seven on my list of positive distractions.

Do something ridiculous, make a fool out of yourself, and laugh about it until your sides hurt! Go out and play a sport you are super terrible at with a friend and laugh at yourself. Or don’t go out. Just do something goofy and laugh at yourself until you can’t help feeling good. I know that sometimes it’s just not that easy, but when you do find yourself laughing uncontrollably at the fool you have made of yourself, you tend to feel so much better. Besides, laughing at yourself is so much better than sulking about something. I could have just given up, figured I would never get the hang of it, and ruined not only my night, but my fiancé’s as well.

The second thing I learned is something I knew once, but gave up on and ignored altogether. If you read the positive distractions post, you know that I said that I felt like a bit of a hypocrite for suggesting exercise because I really don’t utilize that one…..like ever.

Here’s the thing. I actually used to run a lot. I started taking walks just to get out of the house and clear my head

It was a great distraction and it felt really good to get out. There is just something about exercising that causes you to feel really good once the initial shock and feeling like you are going to collapse if you make another move passes. I eventually made enough progress that I started running occasionally. Occasionally eventually turned into everyday runs in the ridiculous Missouri summer heat, which included crazy humidity and heat indexes over 100 degrees.

I replaced all my negative coping skills with exercise. The problem is that I became absolutely obsessed with working out. I ran in unhealthy conditions. I didn’t eat well, ran in dangerous temperatures, and literally felt like I was going to pass out by the time I reached home on several occasions.

So, why don’t I exercise like I know I should? Well, I’m not going to try and make excuses. I know that I need to start doing it more often and on a regular basis. It is a great stress reliever and simply makes me feel great in general! So, here’s to accepting and admitting the truth. I don’t exercise enough. I realize I need to do it more often and more regularly. I also have to not let it become an obsession. I have to be smart and cautious.

We have to be careful not to let positives become negatives. It is so easy to let what is good for us get out of hand and become unhealthy.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Beautifully Imperfect. Bye!



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