Everything gets better with Tourette as time goes on

Hey guys, this is my first time blogging, and I am so excited to get started! My name is Katie, and I was diagnosed with TS when I was 7. It has been a major battle between me and my TS throughout the years. I have had ups and downs, and it has felt like I have been on a roller-coaster all of my life.

I have had my own waxing and waning periods where my TS has gotten better and then worse. I have been through times where I thought it would never get better, never ease up. Luckily, though — with time, patience, the right medication, and a supportive and loving family — I have been able to get through this.

Now, as I get set to turn 19 on the 14th, it will mark 12 years with TS. My Tourette’s is finally easing up, and I am getting a break.

I have gone through periods of times where I would hit myself so hard in the sides that I would have bruises, I would have a jumping tic where I would land wrong and twist my ankle, or I would get bad headaches from throwing my head back so hard.

With my almost 12 years of battling with TS, I have learned so much and have become so much stronger as a person, inside and out.

Being at college with TS has been good. Everyone is very accepting and loving towardme. I recently was diagnosed with OCD over the summer, so the kids who don’t just have TS — I can relate to them as well. College has been rough but fun with these two disabilities, although I like to call them a little something extra I’m dealing with.

I go to Montclair State University and am a freshman. My major is Special Education for English. I want to help high schoolers who have Tourette’s, ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc. and show them that they can do this.

Also, on the sidelines, I want to tour the world with my dad talking about Tourette Syndrome and OCD. And, a little later in life, I would love to become a novelist. Ever since I was younger, I have talked to all of my classes about my Tourette’s with my dad to let them know what it is, and that I am not just trying to annoy them.

These past two years, I have spoken at the Dare to Dream Student Leadership Conference at The College of New Jersey and Mercer County College about my Tourette’s and my goals in life. I want to try to spread as much information and knowledge as possible about Tourette’s and OCD to others.

I want the readers to know that I know it’s hard to live with Tourette’s, but it will get better. There is hope. I want them to know that I know what they are going through, and that everything will get better with time. I am so excited to be a new blogger, and hope that you guys enjoy my posts!!!

NOTE: This year’s Dare To Dream Student Leadership Conference will take place May 21 at Rutgers University. More information is available here.



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  1. Great post Katie! I will be off to college next year and It’s so nice to hear that everyone there has been so accepting of your TS. I really hope the same goes for me when I go to college next year. Your story is very uplifting! Thanks for letting all us high school students with TS know that things in college should be alright! :)

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