Erasing Limits

We have decided on a name for the documentary project website and it is: Erasing Limits. The beginnings of the documentary website and documentary project are forming! I am so excited to be starting to see a real product for all the work that Ruthie and I have done!

Keep an eye out for future posts about the documentary project! Also, we have decided that it is going to be an ongoing project that will encompass videos of Tourette Syndrome to start off with but will also encompass videos of people with all sorts of disorders and differences.

So if you did not get a change to submit your video yet, submissions are open once again! You can submit a video about anything and everything: Tourette, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, etc.

Also, if you see an interesting video on YouTube that you think should be on the Erasing Limits site once we go public please post the link up on this wall!

Contact me at my Help Spread The Word About Tourette Syndrome Facebook page, or at RuthieP’s A Little Bit Different: Tourette Syndrome Facebook page.




  1. It will be available to the public in a 3 weeks! We see that potential too but have no idea how to get it on the news or media.

  2. When will this be available? You guys could really go national or even international with soemthing like this. It needs to be on the news and in the media.

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