"Emily's Tic" — a new Tourette Syndrome children's book

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Fleischman and I have published a children’s book called “Emily’s Tic” about Tourette Syndrome.

I was diagnosed with TS when I was 6 years old, and not until two years ago did I begin to talk about my disorder. Once I accepted the fact that I had Tourette Syndrome — I was born this way and this is who I am — I decided that my goal was to educate others about TS.

For the past two years, I have spoken at schools about TS and explained why you should not bully others for their differences. I wrote “Emily’s Tic” to educate young children about TS and show that it is hurtful to bully others.

A paperback copy is available on amazon.com for $9.13 OR if you have a Nook, Kindle, iPad, or iPhone you can download the book for just 99 cents! THAT’S IT — less than a song on iTunes!

Here’s what you do if you have an iPad/iPhone: Download the FREE Kindle app. Then go to amazon.com via that device and purchase Emily’s Tic. It will immediately download to Kindle. On Nook or Kindle devices, simply search “Emily’s Tic” by its authors, Emily and Florence Fleischman

It would be so great it if you could purchase or download the book. Maybe buy one for your favorite elementary school teacher or read it at your local library’s kid’s hour. Please help spread the word!




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