Don’t forget the distance you have come!

So, the other day I was on a train and a song came on called “The Distance You Have Come,” written by the wonderful Scott Alan and sang by the magnificent Natalie Weiss. Just as the train pulled in to my station, the lyrics were “and when you reach that place, when you’re miles from where you started, don’t forget the distance you have come.”

Immediately, I thought this was quite comical — as I’d just reached my destination — but then I really thought about it, and the lyrics in the song just describe the fight that people take to get to wherever they want to be in life, whether that’s a tiny step or a huge mountain.

The lyrics are so inspirational and I think so poignant, specifically for people like us, whose small achievements each day may go unnoticed by so many people. Please take a listen, I cannot describe the uplifting feeling I get from it!

So never forget the distance that you have come!



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