Do you have online for PS3?

Herro der people of the interwebs, and welcome to a post made on Tuesday but most likely going up on the site on Wednesday. So, I have just finished my real second day of school, and I say that because the first week of school was really just getting used to the school. My friend from kindergarten goes to my school and has online for PS3, so now we can play online together. Also, if YOU have online for PS3, just comment your name on here. I have to end it here because I am going to sleep now. That’s all, folks!




    • Very good Jaden, I knew you would find it immediately.

      Hope all is well and you are enjoying school and having fun while learning. keep up the good work.

      Love POP-POP

  1. Hello Jaden,

    Pop Pop on the interweb as you calle it reading your blog, I do not have the PS3 capabilities but will keep tabs on your blog .

    I love your comments, very well articulated you are the brightest star. Glad you are having a good start at the new school, I am sure its going to be a total success for you, be my spell checker if I made any errors I’m sure my little professor will let me know. lol

    Love, POP – POP

  2. Hi Jaden, I dont have a clue what an online PS3 is but glad to see your post. You are awsum. Good luck in 4th grade. Love you Mucho !!

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