Different room for exams

Yesterday and today were the first days I’ve taken my exams in a separate room in college. I took all of my exams in high school in a separate room because of my tics, and in college I thought I could move back into a room with a small number of others when taking exams because my tics are a bit more mild this year.

I posted about this a little before, and in that post I mentioned that the last two times I took my exams in a room with another student the other student had to leave the room because my tics were bothering her. I thought it best for everyone that I move back to taking my exams in a separate room.

I don’t feel upset about this, really. I took an exam yesterday and today in a separate room, and I didn’t have to deal with thinking about if my tics were bothering anyone. I was more focused on my exams, and that’s what matters.

I have TS, which is not my fault, and if taking my exams in a separate room helps both myself and other students, then I call that a win. Letting other people provide you with the accommodations you need is not accepting that you are any less than any other person. It’s realizing that you are just as important as everyone else and so are your needs.




  1. Good for you!

    I LOVE taking my exams in a different room, way more relaxed :) And sometimes it helps to have TS, you get something nice like an own room ;)

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