Dear summer, please don’t go!

To tic, or not to tic….that is the question, that I can’t answer! (Thank you, Jeff!)

Hello people of the interwebs! Sorry this is late, but I complety forgot for a good couple of reasons:

  1. Tomorrow I visit my new school, so I’m excited.
  2. Summer is over Monday, so I’m uber stressed.
  3. This is not the best reason, but I must have a social life as well, so I spend a couple of hours a day online, in my bed all cozy, on the PS3 — although I prefer XBOX360, but I don’t have online (yet!).
  4. Summer is over on Monday.
  5. Summer is over on Monday.

Hopefully, you guessed that I am not a big fan of school already. Summer, why do you have to go? By the way, I’m going to New Cleary Middle School, but it was remade for 4th and 5th graders. Oh my God, I just realized I’ve been typing forever, and it’s been 30 minutes since I sat down. My God, I have to end it here guys.

Also, for the quiz post, congrats to Jeff, Sabrina and Josh on getting the correct answers! Now, it’s time to say goodbye, so, bye. That’s all, folks!




  1. Thanks for the props Jaden! I don’t like summer going too but the fall means my birthday is coming and that’s exciting!

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