DBS for TS

Hey all! Not sure if I’ve mentioned here, but last Tuesday (July 16) I got DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) for my Tourette’s.  As some may know, my Tourette’s was very severe and debilitating. DBS was my last option, as I’ve tried it all.  I went for the surgery up at New York University!  Dr. Mogilner performed the surgery.

So far, I’m doing great!  The probes being in my brain has (as Dr. Mogilner described) damaged that part and temporarily stimulated it, in turn causing my tics to dwindle to a mild state the past week!  Now that my brain is healing, my tics are coming back.  He said that would happen, and it’s a great sign that it calmed my tics to begin with.

I get my batteries turned on to stimulate my brain Friday, July 26.  I am beyond excited!  My future is looking very positive now. :)



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  1. congrats johanna!!!! so glad that u found something 2 make u feel better. is it still working well? what is the whole process like?

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