Coprolalia down, tics up

Hello! Happy summer to everyone. I am currently still trying to remember how to relax (and succeeding, I feel) after a very busy semester at university. Being so busy through the last semester had quite an effect on my tics.

Luckily, the coprolalia I had last time I posted hasn’t come back. I sometimes feel likes it’s going to come, but manage to stop it after the ‘f’, so that’s been super good for me! However the bursts of “Hello”, “what”, “achoo” and “weasels” have been coming out in full force. Especially “weasels.” It has sort of become a crowd favourite, with people jokingly requesting T-shirts with it written on!

My motor tics are still punching me in the chest, which is a pain, but isn’t painful and I’m pretty much able to carry on with whatever I’m doing to an extent. This tic has also sometimes morphed into one where my right hand is just sort of wiggling constantly. It happened the other day for over two hours which was super annoying, and left me aching the next day.

My legs have also been joining in on ticcing A LOT! I used to have weird jerks from my legs, but recently there’s been more twitching making it very, very difficult to walk. I also had tics where one of my legs just would not work for a while. This sometimes will stop me walking for a while, but sometimes I am able to hobble around for a while.

I also have started having falling tics where legs just give way. The first day when this happened it was pretty constant, where I would get up and be in the floor again in around three minutes. Luckily, this has decreased significantly, and I can sense these coming now and it is more like just my knees buckling quickly, and I don’t end up on the floor. But my Tourette’s is definitely not winning.

I have managed to finish my second year of uni and I am really happy with life right now! I will also try and be more proactive in blogging this summer, so I will hopefully see you soon!



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