Comments about depression and suicide, part 1

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I was diagnosed with depression a few months ago and I’ve just been trying to deal with it. Quite a few people recently bombed one of my videos about suicide and depression. I shall discuss all of their antics.

Why do you bash that girl for whining about her life, then whine about your life when you have so much? Has it ever occurred to you how privileged you are?

This is the first comment to speak of. If you have seen the video, I obviously did not “bash” this young lady. I only stated facts of what happens when she is at my lunch table. Second of all, I was not whining about my life. I only meant to discuss my latest feelings and try to help others.

The first sentence does not bother me at all. This person is clearly ignorant and wasted two seconds of my life by having me read it. The second statement states how clearly privileged I am, even though this person has never met me in his or her entire life.

Yes, I am very privileged. I have a great life even if I am suffering quite a few disorders. I don’t discuss quite a few aspects of my life on YouTube or my blog, since they are much too personal and would not in any way help others. I must admit that one of the things I do not discuss could help others by me discussing it, but I am not ready to reveal that part of my life yet.

Tourette is something most people can easily tell I have, but the aspect I’d rather not speak of is not noticeable at all. I will gladly discuss anything about Tourette, OCD, anxiety disorder and depression, though.

You recently committed suicide? How the fuck are you posting then? Maybe you attempted it, too noob to actually do it.

This comment was in response to a girl who told me part of her story. Notice how maliciously horrid this “man”‘s comment was. “Too noob to actually do it?” Wow… Most of you may think that it wasn’t such a bad comment, but most people who have been actually suicidal would take offense to his comment.

It IS natural selection in work. “Depressed” people are easily influenced, and selfish unappreciative cunts. People that ‘Attempt’ and live, are attention whores. They would do this until they are dead, and then they die; not make up fake story. People can get along fine with being bullied, and get good job. (sorry for the poor English). One day, my cousin, he burnt my skin with a lighter, I killed his dog for being melodramatic. We’re best friends now. Much love to you. xoxo.

Wow… This is just wrong. This person was so rude. Even so, his words shall not affect me, especially since he (or she) seems to be completely stupid. I could write an entire post about how people with depression are not “attention whores.”

Kill that demon…. sorry I was actually trying to give you the benefit of a doubt but no… That just made everything you said invalid. Some people just need to realize that this place called earth is not an all-loving kind place and it doesn’t owe you to be. Some people will kill themselves and no matter how “bad” it sounds that IS natural selection in progress… The strongest survive as it’s said. It might not sound all nice and all, but wake up, sweetie, the world is not fair or just. It just is. As been commented before, you are just too young and naive to be talking about these subjects… You don’t truly understand the noncaring ways of the world. And self-harm and suicide, no matter how “justified” it is, will always be a weak, selfish, stupid and cowardly thing to do… aAnd way too many times it’s only for attention.

Has this person never heard of a “metaphor”? Self-harm and suicide are not selfish, stupid or cowardly. They are the effect of an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and are real conditions. Yes, self harm is a condition. Suicide is not a “condition”, but it comes from depression, which is a real disorder.

I am much to naive and young to be talking about these subjects? How do you know? How do you know I haven’t been through twice as much as you have or felt things no one should ever feel? How do you know whether or not I am fully comprehensive of this subject? How do you know I do not harm myself or have thought of suicide? You don’t. That’s the answer right there.

There were a lot of other comments, most were very sweet, and I thank people for that. Anyway, my Tourette has been really bad lately. I have this one leg tic where I tense my thigh muscles and it can give me cramps sometimes. I have also been blinking really hard a lot. There are many other tics currently bugging me, but those two have been the absolute worse.



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