COLLEGE WEEK: Procrastinating … still 2 weeks ’til university!

So it has occurred to me that we in the UK leave for university a lot later than you lot across the pond. I’m still at home, supposedly preparing myself to move out, but really procrastinating to the max.

But while feeling a bit poorly today — lying on my bed, completely zonked out — I was thinking about when I start university and introducing myself to people. As a general rule I am quite rubbish when meeting new people and always have been. I seem to have two extremes, so I’m either immensely hyper and downright annoying or practically silent (neither make a brilliant first impression!).

Of course, a main component of “Freshers” week at any university in the country is alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol, so I’m sure a lot of pressure will be taken off most people (in the sense of, “Hey, we’re drunk…who cares who you are, I like you!” ). But I wasn’t planning on spending the first few weeks at uni drunk, trying to piece together the night before and feeling far from well.

My main reason for being slightly against the thought of an overabundance of alcohol is I know what affect it has on my Tourette. When drinking, my tics are often a lot more frequent (which I’m guessing is down to decreasing inhibitions, thus losing any ability to suppress tics), which can put a complete downer on the night.

I don’t want people to see my tics at their worst point before they know who I am. I know that at some point I’m going to have to explain to everyone about Tourette Syndrome, but I don’t want it to be my first conversation with everyone (especially not a drunken conversation!).

Right now, my drinking habits are “Only If It’s Someone’s Birthday,” because — I’m not going to lie — I do have a cracking time drinking with my friends. And I would hate to avoid fun nights out for the fear of being quite twitchy, and so far there have been no negative side effects. Despite this I will refrain from constant drinking once at uni, otherwise I know I will find it harder to relax into university life.

So aside from worrying about how tipsy I will be during the upcoming year, I have also realized I haven’t packed a single thing and haven’t even bought the majority of things I’m going to need yet! Whoops! My organizational skills are going to have to kick in fairly soon, or I’ll be living in an empty room for a year!

I better get back to thinking about packing now. ;)

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  1. You are allowed to drink in college in England? Wowwwww. I dont think drinking would help me. I’d be a messssss! o_O

    • Yep we can drink! With the legal drinking age being 18 they can’t do a lot to stop people (as long as nothing gets too wrecked!!!)

      • Wowwww, thats kinda scary. I know people that have gotten messed up by drinking whether they have tourettes or not like us. Does the drinking help your tourettes? I hope people wouldnt use drinking to calm it. Theres got to be other ways.

        • I don’t know anyone who’s been messed up by drinking :P It doesn’t help the TS but it doesn’t have too much of a negative effect on it. The only thing to be wary of is medication really, because some can have some side effects.

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