Check out my Tourette Syndrome discussion site!

logoHello, I was first diagnosed with having Tourette Syndrome in 2005, which for me was fifth-grade year. I am currently out of school and working my way into doing various things with Tourette. I just recently found out there was no actual community-based discussion sites for people with Tourette to go and discuss. So I decided to make a site called Tourettes.Me.

My main goal for that is to have a place where people with Tourette can go and talk to one another, as I feel it’s easier to talk about general things with Tourette to people with Tourette — what bothers us, a current tic we have, etc., as well as helping people who have recently been diagnosed with Tourette and especially parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with Tourette.

It’s a scary thing at first, and I feel what better way to re-ensure yourself that everything in the end will be alright as a newly informed person/parent than to have actual people tell them about what is to be expected and what’s not.



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