Boy helps battle Tourette's with poetry

The following poem was submitted by teenager Tommy Bryan, with hopes that others can relate to it.

I am the wolf that howls in the night

I am the warrior that loves a good fight

I am the sound of the wind through the trees

I am the chatter of hundreds of bees

I am the chair that rocks to and fro

I am the tics that won’t let me go

I am the warm bath filled with cool bubbles

I am the child that has all the troubles

I am the helper who stands by your side

I am the compliment that is a mile wide

I am the archeologist that digs for treasures you can’t see

I am the scientist that searches for inventions that can be

I am the angel that brightens your day

I am Tourette’s, I frighten you away

I am the runner that runs with all his might

I am the blind man that longs for his sight

I am the writer that struggles to write

I am the bird that smashes into your window at night.

I am the pencil broken in two

I am the hole in the paper you drew

I am the funny comment that makes you laugh and smile

I am the kid that sleeps through your class for a while

I am the teenager that does not have a friend

I am the one who will love you to the end

I am the daydreamer who likes to time travel

I am the hawk that sees a tiny mouse in the gravel

I am the one who likes to play with toys

I am the one who cannot stand any noise

I am the tiger with a strong will to survive

I am the ninja who knows how to stay alive

I am the swimming pool on a bright, sunny day

I am sand, Play-Doh and multicolored clay

I am the weightlifter with natural strength at the gym

I am the sparring partner that laughs when he wins

I am the protector, the guardian of those I love

I am the puppy, the kitten, the dove.




  1. What a thoughtful and insightful piece. It makes me smile because I can see Tom reading this. THis is a great self reflection.

  2. This is beautiful, especially because I see so much of Tom in the poem he wrote…some personal, some public, but all Tom!

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