Athens: My trip in photos

As promised, here is a photo blog of my trip to Athens. I hope you enjoy them. And in my next post, I’ll share some videos I took while there, too!


Too beautiful not to show: the view from the room where the Training School was! In front, you can see the Temple of Zeus.


The first time something of me was shown: a video where Jolande (on the right, one of the Dutch therapists) and I did a questionnaire about tics.


Me during my first speech! It took me a while to get the outfit the way I wanted it, but it turned out great, I think!


Me at the roof of the hotel where the conference was held, after the first day (and both my speeches!). In the back is the Acropolis!


The second day of the Training School at which I did two role plays. The first one was about Exposure Response Prevention and the second one (the smaller picture) was about Habit Reversal Training, which are both behavioral therapies.


At the harbor, dinner with the ESSTS, here with my sister Diana.


A picture my speech during the Meeting You see the sign of Dr. Robert King is still in front of me!


A picture my speech during the Meeting You see the sign of Dr. Robert King is still in front of me!


Me with professor Mary Robertson!


After the conference, first we went to the ancient agora, were people like Plato, Socrates and Aristotle held their speeches! And it’s the birthplace of democracy. There’s not much to see, it’s more the feeling and knowing this was such a big part of history. After that, we went to the centuries-old Olympic Stadium. We got to see all the torches of the modern Olympics, and I even got to touch them! And being such a big sports fan, especially the Olympics, this was so cool! On the picture you can see the stadium and me, running around (because you just have to do that while you’re there. ;)


On the way to the top of the Acropolis! We had walked around it all week, and now we finally got to be up there! This is me with the Dionysus Theatre.


And the last picture, this is me and my sister with the Parthenon, on top of the Acropolis. It’s been amazing! Can’t wait to do something like this again! Just name a date and place, and I’ll be there! ;)



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