Are you ready for #TSelfie on June 7?!

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. That’s because, since November, I’ve been working nonstop to graduate collage! Last month, on April 24, I graduated and I can finally really call myself a teacher!

It was hard work. I had to go to my internship three days a week and work on my final paper as well. And that for seven weeks straight, after the months of hard work I had done already. But in the end it was all worth it, because I can now finally say that I’ve graduated from college! And I actually graduated early, as the graduation ceremony is on June 26, so I had until then to finish.

Right now I’m trying to rest as much as possible because I’m very tired. And I finally get to work on the Tourette-related things I’ve been wanting to work on for months, but I didn’t have the time or energy to do it up until now. I have quite a lot of meetings scheduled for TV shows and other media-related things, which is very exciting. I’m not going to be in all of them, but in my role as volunteer for the Dutch TSA I give them info and try to make sure it will be a nice and respectful show and it won’t be all about swearing.

Right now, I’m busy making plans for the European Tourette Day, which is June 7. Together with other organizations from the Netherlands and Belgium, we’ve thought of an amazing idea to spread TS awareness and I hope you can all help by joining in (all European organizations will!)!

We’ve invented the TSelfie: Tourette selfie. This is a selfie while winking (with one eye) and you have to post it on your social media accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) on June 7! Put #TSelfie and the website www.tselfie.eu in the same post and we hope we can get the attention of the media and of course, spread as much awareness as possible!

On the website, you can find info on the TSelfie and on Tourette, so it’s very important to add the website to your post. A lot of celebrities join us and post their TSelfie on June 7 and we hope to get a lot of Tourette celebrities to join in as well.

Call all your friends and tell them to post a TSelfie on June 7 and support Tourette awareness! You can follow us at Twitter (@TSelfie), Facebook (facebook.com/TSelfie) and Instagram (@TSelfie2014) for more updates on the TSelfie!



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